A trade school that teaches people how to trade cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency industry and other technologies is about to launch in the United States.

A new trade school for the cryptocurrency sector, CoinTeach, is the brainchild of two Silicon Valley tech billionaires, Peter Thiel and Peter Thielman.

The $1.3 million venture is a joint venture between the Thiel brothers and the cryptocurrency education startup, Cointeach, which is owned by the Thiel family.

The school will launch in California next year.

Thiel, who has made headlines in the past for his role in the Trump administration’s war on illegal immigration, and Thielman, who co-founded PayPal, both have a deep interest in cryptocurrencies.

Trump is a big fan of the tech world, Thielman told Business Insider.

The president has repeatedly cited the tech industry as an economic engine for the United Kingdom, and the president has long praised the tech sector for helping the U.S. to compete with countries like China.

I’ve been a fan of Trump for a long time, Thiel said.

We’ve been on the same page on trade, we think it’s a huge opportunity.

CoinTeach is also trying to capitalize on Trump’s popularity with tech enthusiasts.

The company has built a “tech incubator” in the heart of Silicon Valley that allows students to learn from experts and work in the crypto-industry.

“There’s no other industry that Trump could get behind that would be so focused on the future of the economy,” Thielman said.

We’ve built a tech incubator in the Silicon Valley, and we’re working on ways to bring that talent to the United, Thiel added.

It’s a great time for the country, and a great opportunity for students, Thielmans co-founder and co-CEO said in a statement.

“We’ve seen a dramatic rise in interest in the technology sector in recent years, and it’s something that the government and policymakers need to address urgently.”

The tech community in Silicon Valley has also embraced the venture.

Last month, PayPal founder Peter Thiel hosted a roundtable discussion with Trump at the White House.

The meeting was moderated by Thielman and PayPal CEO Peter Thiel.

Thiel also has a history of working with Trump, having met with the president during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Thiel said the event helped solidify the president’s interest in working with the technology community.

“I think he’s been a great partner,” Thiel said in an interview with Business Insider last week.

“I think it helps build confidence.”

Thiel said he was impressed by Trump’s “lack of cynicism” during the campaign.

“When he spoke to me, I said, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m going to go and do the same thing.

I’m doing a deal with Donald Trump.’

And he said, yeah, that’s great.

He wants to see people succeed,” Thiel added in the interview.

Trump has not announced any interest in taking the Thiel School to the U, but he has been talking to Thiel and his business partner, Anthony Scaramucci, about expanding CoinTeaches presence in the country.

Scaramuci, who is also the White, White House, and Treasury secretaries, also founded CoinTeacher, which has more than 5,000 graduates across the country and has been described as a startup school with a mission to bring together the best students in the U in order to help the U compete with other countries.

“We are going to create an entrepreneurial environment where our students are learning and thriving,” Scaramci said in the CoinTeaching announcement.

“In the end, they are going, ‘This is where I want to be going.'”

According to the CoinSchool website, the Thiel school’s mission is to teach “people how to use cryptocurrency to improve their life and business.”

Thiele, who started CoinTeachers in 2014, has already seen some of the technology industry’s biggest names invest in the company.

He is also a regular speaker at tech conferences and is currently the CEO of the Thiel Group.

Thiel has said he wants to open up the blockchain space and help the government address the financial crisis, among other issues.

The company’s website says its goal is to provide “accelerators for startups in crypto and blockchain.”

It also says the school aims to provide students with the skills they need to build an ecosystem of businesses to serve the digital economy.

In its announcement announcing the venture, CoinSchool said it is looking to partner with several tech firms, including Facebook and Google, which both have cryptocurrency platforms.

Thiel is a major investor in both of those companies.

This story was updated to include Thiel’s comment about Trump’s interest.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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