Trade Machine is getting ready to go live with its trading desk.

The ESPN trade machine is going live.

We’re going to have live trading desks.

We’ll have live stats, live stats.

We can track all the numbers that you need to know about trades and trades and trade activity.

We know you want that.

We want that for you.

ESPN, we are going to give you that.

Now, what does this mean for you?

ESPN is getting this thing together.

We need you to take part in it.

This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done.

This has been my life’s work.

This was my life for 30 years.

I’ve worked in sports.

I have an interest in the world of sports, so I thought it was a good time to bring it all together.

You know, there’s a lot of excitement in the market right now.

It’s kind of like, OK, I think I’m going to make a big splash here.

I want to go big.

I’m gonna start trading on ESPN.

ESPN is going to be the first.

This could be it.

So let’s get started.

You have to be there, ESPN.

It’ll be fun.

I’ll get in there.

You’re in there, man.

I just need a little help.

I need a couple of people to be here, so we’ll start with you.

Let me ask you a couple questions, so let me give you some advice.

First question, can you explain how you set up this thing and this system to start this whole thing?

The ESPN Trade Machine has been a huge success.

I was a part of it from day one.

It was a huge project.

The network was kind of a wildcat network.

You had to have ESPN.com on your TV.

You needed to be in the United States.

You were only allowed to use your laptop.

The system was set up to be pretty easy to use.

It took a lot out of me.

But it did the job.

So I knew it was going to work.

And I got to work with people who had all the tools to do the job, and I knew they were going to do it.

They were very excited to be involved.

So, now we are here, ready to launch this thing.

The other thing I have to say is, this is a massive undertaking.

There is a lot that we’re going through here.

We have to make it right.

We don’t want to make any mistakes.

We do a lot.

And we do need a lot, and we want it to be perfect.

So it’s going to take time.

But we want to get it right, and the only way we’re gonna do it is through your input.

So we want you to be part of this.

You are the best source of information about trades on the Internet.

We are going take your questions, we’re taking your questions.

We will respond to you.

I know it’s not a very good place to be.

We love you.

We appreciate you. Thank you.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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