In the past few days, we’ve been looking at how much Derrick Rose would fetch in a trade, and today, we look at how that trade value might change once he retires. 

It’s not as simple as the value of a player being traded. 

To find out how much it would take for a player to go from one team to another, you need to know what kind of player that player would be. 

This article is meant to help answer that question. 

In this piece, we’ll use a hypothetical trade scenario to determine how much a player would fetch from one of the following teams in the event of a trade. 

These are the teams the Knicks would most like to acquire Derrick Rose from, as well as how much each would pay to acquire him. 

So far, there’s been no trade involving the Knicks that hasn’t included either of these two teams. 

The teams that are currently trading Derrick Rose, and the Knicks, are: New York Knicks (via Atlanta Hawks)The Hawks are currently one of three teams that can match the Knicks’ offer sheet for Derrick Rose. 

However, there are some major differences between the offer sheet and the actual contract the Hawks have offered Rose.

The offer sheet is structured so that Rose’s contract is contingent on the Knicks getting the No. 1 overall pick in next month’s NBA Draft. 

That means the Knicks are on the hook for Rose’s salary, and are likely to pay at least a first-round pick in exchange for him.

The Hawks, however, are not currently in a position to match the Bulls’ offer for Rose.

That means the Hawks can only match the offer if they’re able to snag the No 2 overall pick. 

A trade involving a No. 2 overall draft pick is a rare opportunity to move up in the draft, and Rose would likely be the most desirable of the top two picks in any trade.

The second team to match Chicago’s offer sheet would be the Pelicans, who would likely receive the No, 3 overall pick, which they would match with the Knicks. 

Both of these teams would likely match the Hawks’ offer to acquire Rose, but the Pelicans are in a different position. 

They have a first round pick, the No 1 overall selection, and their salary cap would make the deal worthwhile. 

Rose would likely cost a little more than a first or second round pick from the Knicks in the trade, but if the Bulls were to trade him, they would likely need to pay Rose’s full salary in order to do so.

The Pelicans are not likely to match a Bulls offer for DerrickRose. 

But that’s not to say they can’t. 

If Rose’s current contract was guaranteed, and he were to sign a four-year, $90 million extension with the Bulls, the Pelicans could match that offer. 

As with any offer sheet, the offer would need to be made contingent on Rose’s playing time, but Rose would have to be willing to accept a four year contract. 

For the sake of this article, however the Pelicans can’t match Chicago and the Bulls can match any offer they might receive. 

All of this assumes the Bulls could get the No 3 overall selection in the 2018 draft, which is not likely. 

Also, the Hornets could match the Pelicans offer, if they can land a player in the first round of the draft. 

With all of this said, it is not impossible that Rose could be traded to the Knicks if the Knicks want to move forward with their plan to acquire James Harden and Pau Gasol. 

I am of the opinion that if the Hornets were to match any of the offer sheets, the Bulls would be in a better position to do the deal. 

We should note that, as of this writing, the Knicks have yet to announce a deal for James Harden. 

While a trade involving Harden is not out of the realm of possibility, it seems unlikely that the Knicks could match a deal that would allow them to acquire Harden.

I know that the Bulls and Hornets are not necessarily in a situation where they can match either of those teams offer sheets. 

Still, there is a trade scenario that the Hawks and Pelicans can use to move down in the NBA draft, as long as the Bulls don’t receive the first overall pick that the Pelicans would. 

What if the Rockets and Pelicans matched? 

The Bulls and Hawks would be able to match, as would the Pelicans. 

Now, the Rockets are in position to make a deal with a team in the lottery, and could use the pick they get from the lottery as part of a first and second round draft pick for a prospect. 

When you look at the draft as a whole, the Hawks would likely have the No 6 overall pick and the Pelicans the No 10 overall. 

After the Knicks take Harden, it’s unclear whether the Rockets would have a second round selection. 

Harden would then become

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