Trade school graduates are more likely to have higher levels of knowledge than those with no trade school experience, a new study has found.

A range of international trade schools have emerged since the financial crisis, including the Sydney School of Economics and the University of Sydney.

However, they are not widely available, and many do not offer any specific trade skills.

This study, which looked at more than 2,000 trade school graduates in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, compared those who had completed a trade school with those who did not.

Trade school experience had no effect on the knowledge levels of those who never completed the program.

Read more about the research: Trade schools have a strong track record of educating students in a range of skills, from accounting and business to human resources and human rights, the study found.

It found that those with trade school degrees had a higher level of knowledge on topics such as finance, globalisation, and trade policy.

Trade schools offer courses for people with no prior trade experience, such as apprentices and students who have previously taken a trade course.

The study, conducted by the Australian National University and the Australian Institute of Economic Research, looked at data from the US Department of Education’s Bureau of Educational and Training Statistics, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the American Council of Learned Societies.

The research involved analysing the educational attainment of students in different trades.

Those who had finished their trade school were more likely than those who were not to have completed any trade school.

Those with no experience of trade were more than twice as likely as those with a trade background to have a trade degree.

Trade university graduates were also more likely in their knowledge of global trade policy than those without a trade education.

The report found that the educational level of those with the trade degree was not related to the amount of experience of experience gained in the trade.

This was true whether or not a trade diploma was obtained, and regardless of whether or when a trade was completed.

The study, published in the American Economic Review, found that while some trade school students were successful in their trade, those who completed a higher degree were more apt to fail in the job market.

It also found that students who did a trade or trade-related degree, but did not complete one, were more able to get into the job marketplace.

Economists at the University at Albany, in New York, and at the Centre for International Trade and the New York City Council on Global Affairs found that there were some benefits to the trade school diploma.

For example, trade students were more productive, they were more employable and they were less likely to get involved in organised crime, the report found.

However the study also found trade school completion did not appear to have any impact on the ability of students to access credit.

What you need to know about trade school:The trade school has a positive impact on people’s knowledge, skills and experience, the researchers found.

“What’s important to recognise about trade schools is that they provide students with the knowledge, work experience, and training to enter the job sector,” they said.

“It does not appear that the skills that students acquire through a trade schooling program affect their skills in the workplace, employment, or their overall earnings.”


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