When the Yankees traded for Deshant Watson, there were several trade rumors floating around the internet that were just as good as anything that happened between the two teams.

The Cubs are reportedly interested in Deshante Watson, and the Astros have been mentioned as one team that would like to acquire the former Blue Jays ace.

The rumors started to swirl in the wake of a trade that sent the Marlins Matt Kemp to the Yankees for Derek Jeter, and now there are reports that the Astros will be sending some of their top prospects to the White Sox.

One trade that has been rumored for weeks has the Astros acquiring Josh Reddick, and there is a report that they have a “very good” offer for him.

The White Sox have been linked to a trade involving the Yankees, and have reportedly offered the team a deal for Josh Donaldson, and that the White House is looking at signing the Yankees ace.

There are also reports that Josh Donaldsson could be traded to the Cubs, but the Cubs and Astros are not in a bidding war, and both teams have shown a willingness to listen to offers.

The Astros have some quality arms that they could be using as starting pitchers, and are looking to add pitching depth to their rotation, but this could be a difficult sell to some teams.

One name that has come up as a possible trade partner for the Astros is the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are reportedly looking to acquire Josh Reddish and Alex Wood from the Yankees.

The team is also rumored to be interested in Josh Donaldssons arm, and some reports say the Dodgers would like a young, controllable starter to replace Trevor Cahill.

If the Dodgers are going to go this route, they would need a big haul for Reddish, Wood, and Cahill, and they have shown an interest in pitching for Josh Reddisch in recent weeks.

This trade could be done, and we should know by the end of the week.

The Rangers have been rumored to want to trade for Josh Hamilton, and a trade could happen for him as well.

If that happens, the Rangers would need to add some young arms to the bullpen, and while there is no clear trade partner, this could get interesting.

The Yankees are also reportedly interested, but have yet to make any moves.

One other rumor floating around is that the Yankees will be moving away from Carlos Beltran.

Beltran is expected to be traded, and it seems like there are some teams that are willing to get in on him.

That would be a big trade for the Yankees if they want to make this move.

The Angels are also rumored interested in trading for Hamilton, but they are not interested in acquiring the pitcher.

The Tigers are rumored to have interest in Josh Redditch, and he is reportedly in their sights as well, but there are not a ton of teams willing to part with the 25-year-old righty.

The Phillies are also looking to trade Josh Reddich, and one team has already shown interest in him.

It seems like the Rangers are the favorite to land Hamilton, though the Astros could be another team that could make the move happen. 

The Dodgers could be interested as well if they decide to move to Los Angeles, as they have several young arms that are still in the organization that they would like out of the organization.

The Braves have shown interest, but haven’t shown any moves, and aren’t in a trading position.

The Twins have shown some interest in Reddish recently, and if they do end up trading him, they could look to bring him in to play alongside Justin Upton.

The Marlins are rumored interested, and Josh Donaldsons arm is expected be traded in the near future, but he is not in the Astros’ plans right now.

The Rockies have shown enough interest in some of these prospects that they might be willing to move one or two of them, and could be willing the move Josh Reddicks arm if they get a deal done.

The Indians are rumored as well to be looking to move Josh Hamilton. 

This is just speculation at this point, but I think this is the best of the rumors for now.

We have a few more pieces to get our first big trade on the docket.

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