3 days ago Today, Apple is taking virtual reality into the real world, releasing the world’s first augmented reality headset called iMac.

The company announced the headset today at the WWDC event in San Francisco, where the company introduced two new products: the iMac Watch Sport and the iHome, a virtual kitchen.

The iMac is a premium wearable device that looks like a traditional computer with a curved display, and it supports a wide range of Apple Watch apps, including Apple Music, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, and more.

It’s also the first product with a built-in webcam.

The most striking aspect of the iWatch Sport is that it’s not just a watch.

Apple has used a new design language to create a watch that looks very much like a regular computer, which makes the iKey, the company’s first watch with a VR display, even more striking.

Apple says the iMarks, a design language used to create the watch’s design, are based on the company and its people’s “world-class design process.”

The design language, says Apple, “takes into account the user’s comfort, style, and aesthetics in creating an augmented reality experience.”

And the iHomes are the first products to support the virtual kitchen concept.

When the iApple Watch Sport is used with a computer, it’s paired with the iKit app, which lets you control the iRealm thermostat.

When you add a virtual appliance, like a blender, a grill, or a microwave, the virtual appliance shows up in the thermostats settings.

The interface is similar to the Mac App Store interface, which is the primary way users navigate to apps.

You can also add a third party app to the menu and launch it from there.

You get a small menu on the right of the screen that lets you configure the virtual appliances.

The apps that are included in the iHeart app also work with the computer.

For example, you can choose a microwave and a blender to start the microwave, and you can add the blender to the mix.

And you can also choose the oven, and the oven can start the oven.

You don’t need to be connected to a network to use the virtual refrigerator, which can turn on and off and even display a temperature in the virtual fridge.

Apple also announced the iDock app, a new virtual kitchen service.

It can be used to launch virtual kitchen apps like the ones in the Apple Watch Sport, iHome and iWatch, as well as a variety of other apps.

The first time you use the iEspresso app, for example, it launches a virtual espresso machine with the microwave and blender, and an additional virtual appliance to add a coffee maker and a coffee-to-go cart.

There’s a lot more to iEs, which Apple says is a new way for developers to create virtual kitchens, and iHs also work well with Apple’s other products.

But iDocks will be used with Apple TV and Apple Watch and iMasters with iMac, so the iApp will be useful to any of those products.

The iEscresso app will let you use your iWatch with your iMac in a virtual café.

Apple’s iDocking service will let other devices like your iPad or iPhone access your iHome.

Apple announced that its iHome app, the first to support virtual kitchen capabilities, is available now.

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