Here’s how stocks are going to handle the next big rally.

The bull market will last longer than we think, according to research published Tuesday in The Journal of Finance.

The study found that it took the S&P 500 to reach an average of 17,946 points over the last two weeks of trading, which is the most in the last 40 years of tracking.

This marks a new record.

“We’ve never seen this kind of sustained bull run,” said Ben Shatzkin, the lead author of the paper and a senior associate professor at the University of Illinois.

This means investors will have a better chance of keeping the bull market going.

It means that the next rally is much closer to being over than it was last week, he added.

The chart below shows the average weekly gains and losses over the past two weeks.

Investors are holding on to stocks to get a return, but many are buying because of expectations that they will see some sort of correction in the coming weeks.

The next wave of stocks that are going through will be lower in terms of yield and volatility.

It is important to keep in mind that the S, P and Nasdaq are all very different things, said Shatzkins co-author, David Deutsch.

“The S&p 500 and NasDAQ are very different, and if you look at them as a whole, they are a very different market,” he said.

The index has been in a bear market for years, which means that it’s more likely to go up in the next two weeks than in the past, but investors need to take the longer view, he said, because they are paying a higher price. 

For investors, the longer term outlook is better than the short term.

Shatzins team of economists and investors used an index called the “forward-looking” indicator to track the performance of the S & P 500 over the previous 12 months.

The team found that the index has grown a little more than 5 percent since February.

That’s not enough to make up for the last bear market, but it’s a much better indicator than if the index went up 5 percent. 

“The forward-looking indicator was used to compare the index performance of S&P 500 index funds and S&Ps futures market,” Shatzkis team wrote.

“As you can see, the S.P. 500 index fund outperformed the SPS market by a margin of almost 7 percentage points over this period.

In short, the index fund performs better than a futures market.”

The team found the SSPX index fund to have been outperforming the index by almost 10 percent over the same period.

“There are other indices that are outperforming it, but they are not as well known,” said Shatskin.

“They are not well understood.”

The S&ips futures market is more volatile than the SMPX index.

Shatskis researchers also found that investors are buying stocks because of the potential for a major correction in 2018.

The S.S.P.-ASX 500 composite index is up about 10 percent this year, but the index is still down from the highs of 2014 and 2007.

Shultzkins team also found evidence that investors were buying because they expect the market to continue to rise this year.

The market is not likely to crash this year because the Fed has been keeping interest rates near zero, but if the market continues to rise, that could lead to an increase in inflation.

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