Elliott Wave Trading Inc. (EWTD) is one of the largest real estate trading firms in the world, and it has a significant presence in Seattle.

The company’s Seattle office is located at 615 E. Seattle St. in a building with a floor space of approximately 3,800 square feet.

According to an August 2016 internal document, Elliott Wave’s Seattle headquarters was “large enough for up to 300 people.”

The document stated that Elliott Wave had a total of $30 million in assets in its Seattle office.

The documents showed that Elliott wave’s Seattle team had worked with the company to “acquire a majority stake in Elliott Wave”.

The Elliott Wave Seattle office has a staff of about 40 people.

The largest share of the Elliott Wave team was in Seattle, with about 10% of the team based there, according to the documents.

The Elliott wave Seattle team is not listed as an employee on the company’s website, but the company does have an official website, where employees are given links to information about Elliott Wave.

The page of the Seattle Elliott Wave website shows the names of three people who have been associated with the firm: Elliott Wave president and CEO Scott Biederman; Elliott Wave Vice President and General Manager Scott Muehlhausen; and Elliott Wave Chief Financial Officer David Luskin.

Elliott Wave also has a corporate office in Austin, Texas, that is staffed by about 25 people.

In August 2017, a group of Elliott wave employees met with the SEC to discuss their possible violations of the Insider Trading Act, a federal law designed to crack down on insider trading and insider trading schemes.

The SEC found that Elliott waves Seattle team violated the Insider Trade Act, which provides that the agency has authority to “investigate and prosecute” violations of insider trading laws that occur “in connection with the sale or acquisition of securities or other property, securities-related instruments, futures contracts or similar transactions.”

The SEC said in a March 2018 filing that the Seattle team was not in violation of the law.

According to the SEC filing, Elliott waves employees were also involved in two other violations: one involved Elliott Wave trading in the futures market for “exceeding” the limit on the daily volume of its contract, which the SEC determined was not within the bounds of a valid trading strategy.

The other violation involved the purchase of the company shares of a stock with the intent to “obtain a commission for such transaction.”

Elliott wave has said that it has never knowingly violated the SEC’s Insider Trading rules.

It is unclear whether Elliott wave is complying with the requirements of the SEC, which would require Elliott wave to report its sales of stock to the agency.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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