The trade deficit has reached a level not seen since the Great Depression.

Here’s how to beat it.

| AP Photo/Alex Brandon U.S. trade deficits hit $1.4 trillion, or about 20% of the economy, in the first quarter, up from $1 trillion in the third quarter.

That’s not good news.

It means that the trade deficits have gotten larger.

That means that we’re not seeing the kind of economic growth we were expecting.

The reason the trade imbalances got so big is because we’re losing jobs.

The jobs lost to the trade imbalance are the ones that pay for education and training, pay for pensions and insurance, and provide jobs for people who don’t have them.

These jobs are being lost.

But the trade balances aren’t what’s causing the trade-related trade deficit.

The trade imbalance is what is causing the lost jobs.

It’s what the president has been warning us about for years.

It has to be fixed.

So what are the solutions?

The president has offered several ways to solve the trade balance problem.

One of them is to cut back on imports.

The president’s plan to close the trade gap would save some 1.4 million jobs.

That would be good.

But it would also be good for a lot of other people.

It would be even better for our economy because we wouldn’t have to pay the trade penalties on products that we don’t want to buy.

What’s the downside?

That’s a big downside because there are a lot more goods and services that we want to import.

But that downside would be offset by an additional $1,800 billion in imports.

That is enough to buy about a gallon of milk, or a gallon and a half of cheese.

So we can have more milk, cheese, cars, iPads, iPhones, and more.

The bottom line is that we can cut down on imports and that would be a very good thing for the economy.

We also need to stop the trade of things that we export.

That way we don

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