Los Angeles, CA — A Los Angeles father and son have created a $7 million trade that allowed them to save their family money on a family vacation to Hawaii.

The Los Angeles Times reports that in May 2014, Josh and Brandon Koehler traveled to Honolulu with their family to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.

The couple had been on a vacation to Disney World in Florida when they received a call from their broker.

“They were trying to trade our stock for their stock,” said Brandon Kroehler.

The broker, Joe Siegel, told Brandon that his company had made a big investment in their stock and that they were selling it for $7,200.

Brandon Koeshler said he thought the broker was joking and told him he would trade for $8,200 and keep it.

Brandon was shocked when he heard the offer was made.

“I thought it was crazy,” he said.

But Brandon’s father, Joe, said the Koesels were “just crazy”.

“We were a little nervous.

I didn’t know if they would ever trade for us,” he told the Times.”

But we thought, ‘We can do this.

We can trade.

We will do it.

We are going to make it,'” he said, adding that Brandon would work hard on the trade.

The Koeslers purchased a small plane ticket for the trip.

When they arrived in Hawaii, Brandon Kuesler and his father, who has cerebral palsy, were greeted by a woman who asked him if he was interested in buying his dad’s stock.

“She asked me if I wanted to trade with her.

I said I did.

She said I could have it for free and she could buy it,” Brandon Kuehler said.”

And I said, ‘Great, thanks for coming.

And I can have it now.

I will be able to buy it in a few days.'”

He was able to sell his father’s stock for $1,500 and take the plane ticket home.

The family was on vacation in Maui, Hawaii when the broker called.

“We called and he said we were on our way,” Brandon said.

“And he said he would be here in a minute.

He said we have to get to our hotel.”

Brandon Koesler was so impressed with the broker that he made the deal with him in person.

“He said, hey, I have a great deal.

I can sell you your stock for just a little over $7 a share, and you will be happy to know that you can buy your stock back in a day or two,” he recalled.

Brandon Koehl’s broker, the Siegel Group, later told the paper that he believed the deal would save the family $5,000.

The brothers said they thought the deal was good news.

“This is one of the first trades that we have done in five years, but it’s a great one,” Brandon told the newspaper.

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