On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, the NASDAQ dropped from 6,724 to 6,700.

That was the biggest single-day drop in the S&P 500 in nearly two years.

The reason was a new trading platform, Carvana Trade, which allows investors to trade stock in vehicles, cars, and trucks, as well as on vehicles, car-sharing services, and even bicycles.

It was one of the first trading platforms on the stock market that allowed investors to make trades in any of these categories.

But it also made a lot of people nervous.

On Monday, August 6, the stock went on a tear.

It traded up more than 4,000 points in one minute, then the next, and the next.

On Tuesday, the price of the stock fell more than 3,000.

The Nasdaq dropped from 5,200 to 4,200.

The price fell more then 6,000% in a day.

On Wednesday morning, August 7, the Nasdaq rose back up to 5,300, and then it traded up again to 5.300, still up by more than 8,000%.

By Thursday morning, it was down more than 6,600 points.

On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 4,600, and it traded down 2,600 for the day.

And then on Saturday, it fell another 3,200 points for the same time period.

By the end of the day, the market had dropped nearly $100 billion from the highs it had been at just before the market crash.

So far, there has been nothing like this since the 1929 stock market crash, but there are lots of signs of things to come.

It’s hard to gauge what will happen to the stock markets and the economy when there is a sudden crash.

But investors who are trading in the stock and car-tech markets, for example, could be in for a big shock.

“There is a great risk that we will see a big decline in car sales, or even the collapse of the auto industry,” says Brian Blau, an investment strategist with Morningstar.

“It is hard to imagine that this will be a long-term trend.”

Blau says he believes that many investors are worried about the possibility of another financial crisis.

“We are in a bubble, and that bubble is bursting,” he says.

“This is the first time in the last 20 years that the stock-market bubble has burst.”

In the next several years, there is also a good chance that there will be some sort of financial crisis, according to a recent report from Goldman Sachs.

In the report, they said that the financial system could take a hit in the next 10 years, and they warned that it could lead to “significant job losses, financial instability, and reduced economic growth.”

A Financial Crisis In 2017, the global financial system took a major hit.

In March 2018, a massive crash occurred in Europe.

It hit Greece and Italy.

In July 2018, another crash occurred, this time in Spain.

It also hit Spain and Portugal, which had both been in deep recession.

A global economic crisis followed.

There were financial markets shut down and stocks in crisis-stricken countries like Greece and Portugal were wiped out.

A financial crisis hit a whole bunch of other countries too, including Mexico, which saw a huge loss of money due to the collapse in the peso and the fall in oil prices.

At the time, the U.S. stock market was up more then 20% year-over-year, while the S-1, a version of the index that is used to calculate stock prices, was down almost 40%.

This financial crisis also took a big hit on U.K. stock markets, as the pound collapsed and the pound sterling collapsed.

The collapse of U.N. sanctions and a recession in China hurt the global economy, but the global stock market fell by nearly $50 billion in just a year.

Investors were also nervous about the Chinese government’s plans to devalue the yuan.

As the Dow fell, shares in the Chinese stock market slumped.

The yuan plummeted.

On Thursday, August 10, 2018 a day before the stock crash, the Chinese Stock Exchange said it would lower the yuan’s exchange rate by 10 basis points, which will make it more expensive for foreigners to buy and sell the Chinese currency.

The Chinese government has been trying to keep the yuan from falling too far and too fast, which means the currency has been falling faster than the rest of the world.

The fall in the yuan has made Chinese companies very reluctant to buy foreign assets.

As a result, the China Stock Exchange lowered the yuan by about 10% on Thursday, which has meant that the country is now trading at a discount to its international competitors.

“In a world where the U., the United States and the European Union are all at their most competitive and the Chinese are now doing much better,

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