Trade for slaves was a key element of the slave trade.

Slaves were often sold on the open market. 

Some traders also traded for slaves through the use of indentured servants and servants were often used to transport and transport the slaves.

In the 1840s, for example, some of the most important slave ships to sail across the Atlantic were built by British shipbuilders. 

In the 1860s, Britain’s slave trade reached new heights.

In the South, many African slaves were sold to wealthy Europeans and eventually moved to the North, particularly in the New York area. 

The slave trade was an important part of British colonial policy in Africa. 

British Colonial Office in 1788  Britain’s colonial policy was based on the principle of the equality of the races. 

However, the abolition of slavery in the United Kingdom and the creation of the British colony of Africa was not without its critics. 

Opponents of the policy argued that it made the slave-trade more profitable for slave traders. 

Britain had the first black people to hold the highest office in the British government, Lord Mountbatten. 

Mountbatten was also the first to make a formal apology to the slave trading community.

The abolition of the trade in African slaves was controversial because it was considered the first step in a race war against black Africans. 

On February 5, 1865, Lord Gaunt, the first African head of state, wrote a letter to the then-British Minister of Agriculture, Lord Sturtley, in which he criticised the government for its “disappointing attitude towards the slave trades and slavery.” 

The letter stated that slavery had caused great harm to the African race and its members and called for the abolition and reestablishment of the African Slave Trade. 

Sir Frederick the Great (1826-1907) In 1775, a treaty was signed between the English, French and Dutch states of the Netherlands. 

This treaty included the following stipulations: The slave- trade was forbidden.

The slave trade should be regulated by the English and the Dutch governments.

The freedom of the black slaves was to be ensured. 

A number of other European countries had previously outlawed the slave export of African slaves. 

When Britain first entered the slave market in the early 19th century, many British trading partners feared that the black market for slaves would become a major source of revenue for the British state. 

Slavery was illegal in most of the Americas, including the United States, the British colonies in Africa, and the Caribbean. 

It was not until the 19th Century that Britain began to reform its slave trade policy.

It was in the 20th Century, however, that slavery became legal in the UK. 

From 1871 to 1888, the total number of black people in Britain increased by approximately 3 million. 

Although it took a long time for Britain to make the change to legalising slavery, the reforms were made in the face of pressure from the African American community. 

At the end of the 20s, slavery was abolished in England and the UK, as well as in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland. 

Since then, Britain has remained one of the world’s most open and prosperous nations. 

Source: BBC News (UK)

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