Today’s economic news is a bit more complex than just the trade off between two or three currencies, but there are some ways to get your kids thinking about what they should do.

Here are some tips to help you balance a trade off.


Ask yourself why you’re going to pay for the school fees 2.

Ask your kids about the school system 3.

Ask them about the impact of their school fees 4.

Ask what they like to do with their time 5.

Ask how they can make their own money 6.

Ask about your taxes 7.

Have a chat with them about tax breaks 8.

Talk to them about their job options 9.

Talk about the cost of living 10.

Have your kids watch a documentary 11.

Discuss what their favourite things are 12.

Ask where you can find their favourite foods 13.

Discuss how you can help them with their homework 14.

Ask a question about the weather or their favourite holidays 15.

Have them do a quick quiz on what’s happening with their school or work schedules 16.

Ask whether they would be interested in a career in science, technology, engineering, maths or medicine 17.

Ask the kids to write a letter to a charity that you think they would benefit from18.

Have the kids make a short film for their mum 19.

Have their parents get them a copy of your book, for their parents to read 20.

Make them read your book in the library 21.

Give them a short story from your favourite author 22.

Have everyone read your short story in the classroom 23.

Ask everyone in the family to do a short quiz on their favourite TV show 24.

Have each of them listen to a podcast or show on the radio 25.

Have dinner together 26.

Have some fun playing a game, or have a quiet group session 27.

Have kids play an activity that they’ve never done before 28.

Have fun with friends 29.

Ask if there’s anything they can do to help others 30.

Have parents take a short video for their daughter or son about the subject they are working on 31.

Have families take a walk together and talk about the day 31.

Talk with the kids about their favourite holiday 32.

Have all the family members take a long walk together 33.

Talk on the phone with your parents to discuss something big for the next year or two 34.

Have family members go to a theatre for the weekend 35.

Have children play a short game 36.

Talk a little bit about their career or hobbies 37.

Have an adult come over to watch your kids play a game 38.

Have someone else come over and take part in a conversation with your children 39.

Have anyone in the house visit your kids for an hour 40.

Have guests take part of a group activity on your kids’ school activities 41.

Have one of your kids have a short talk about their hobbies or interests 42.

Have you have children do a play date with your family 43.

Have people from your household come over for a chat 44.

Have another family member come over as well 45.

Have any of your children take part on a project 46.

Have other family members visit your house for a little chat 47.

Have friends and family come over your house and spend some time 48.

Have somebody come to your house on a date with the family 49.

Have students take a test in the summer 50.

Have something happen to the kids’ lunch table 51.

Have neighbours come over, and everyone talk to each other 52.

Have schoolchildren play a board game 53.

Have adults come over in your house 54.

Have grandparents come over 55.

Have grandchildren come over 56.

Have siblings and friends come over 57.

Have grandkids visit your home for a day 58.

Have yourself or someone else visit the kids 59.

Have work done in your spare time 60.

Have holidaymakers come over 61.

Have others come over 62.

Have new parents visit 63.

Have visitors from other countries visit 64.

Have relatives come over 65.

Have members of your household visit you for a birthday celebration 66.

Have food and drink given to your kids 67.

Have birthday parties come over 68.

Have strangers come over 69.

Have groups come over 70.

Have sports teams come over 71.

Have theatre performances come over 72.

Have musicians come over 73.

Have artists come over 74.

Have TV shows come over 75.

Have musicals come over 76.

Have documentaries come over 77.

Have lectures come over 78.

Have news events come over 79.

Have games come over 80.

Have activities in your neighbourhood 81.

Have group talks with friends and colleagues 82.

Have meetings with friends 83.

Have Christmas parties come in your area 84.

Have social outings 85.

Have trips to your grandparents’ house 86.

Have time to go out for a holiday 87.

Have holidays with family 88.

Have outings with friends 89.

Have parties in your backyard 90.

Have outdoor activities 91.

Have weekends in your home 92.

Have festivals 93.

Have team sports 94.

Have competitions 95

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