In a rare move, the U.N. trade representative has hired a veteran trade expert to advise President Donald Trump on trade.

Traders Joelle Sommer and Joe Veltorelli joined the Trump administration as trade advisers, a person familiar with the appointment told Axios on Tuesday.

Sommers is the president’s former deputy chief of staff and has worked in his administration since 2010.

He previously served as assistant secretary for trade and commerce under President Barack Obama.

He also served as deputy assistant secretary of commerce for the Western Hemisphere under former President George W. Bush.

The trade adviser, a veteran of President Barack Barack Obama’s administration, joins Trump’s administration to help shape his agenda and provide advice to him as he takes office, the person said.

The decision was announced Tuesday evening.

Sommer, a former trade official at the U, will be responsible for the trade affairs of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central and South America, the trade official said.

He is also the first ambassador of the Trump Organization to work at the White House.

The U.K.-based trade representative said in a statement that the appointment will be “a significant milestone” in the United Nations’ efforts to combat the trade deficits between the United Kingdom and the U., a key trading partner.

The United States has one of the highest trade deficits in the world, and has recently faced a wave of criticism over its trade practices, including the U’s refusal to release more trade data.

The Trump administration has been pressing for a bilateral trade deal with Britain, while other nations have rejected the idea of a deal, including Canada, Germany and France.

Sombre remarks by Trump in December, when he was still leading the U and had said that Britain was not going to pay its bills, has been widely interpreted as a sign that a new U.G. deal is in the works.

The administration also is pushing for the U to take a lead role in renegotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that U.s. lawmakers and the public have been calling for since the early days of the administration.

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