Donald Trump has been the most divisive presidential candidate in decades.

The billionaire’s comments on immigration, trade, and the economy have sparked a national debate over whether he is the right man for the job.

But are his views accurate?

Are there facts to back up the billionaire’s claims?

In this episode of Engadgets America, we speak with Dr. Joseph Goldstein, a University of Chicago economist who studies the effects of economic policy on the economy.

Goldstein tells us why his research on the impact of US economic policy is a crucial component of understanding how the Trump campaign is making the economy worse.

You can find Dr. Goldstein’s podcast, How to Get Rich in the Trump Economy, at our website, and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

You may also want to listen to the episode to hear more about Trump’s claims and how he claims that he is a businessman who has a better understanding of the economy than the other candidates.

We asked Dr. Michael A. Steinhardt, professor of economics at the University of Maryland and a leading expert on the effects and consequences of the financial crisis, to weigh in on Dr. Trump’s argument that he knows better than the rest of us how the economy works.

Steinhart says that Dr. Donald Trump’s “economic views don’t add up.”

Steinhardt says that Trump is “not an economic expert.”

We also ask what Dr. Steinhard has to say about Trump claiming that he has the right expertise to tell you whether the economy is improving.

Steinhearts response: We can agree with Drs.

Trump and Dr. Carson on the point that Donald Trump lacks the expertise to evaluate the facts.

We also agree with Steinhardt that Donald’s claims are not factual, and that Drs Trump and Carson have an economic illiteracy problem.

The final segment of our podcast features an interview with one of the top economic experts in the world on the future of the American economy.

Gary Cohn, who is the director of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, explains how Trump is not an expert in the area of economic forecasting and what we can expect from the incoming administration.

We are joined by Professor Stephen Moore, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute.

Professor Stephen Moore says that Donald doesn’t have a “knowledge base” for forecasting the economy and that the incoming Trump administration will be “not just bad for the economy but bad for economic forecasting as well.”

Professor Moore says the incoming Republican administration is “very, very weak” on economic forecasting.

Professor Moore says Trump is an economic ignoramus.

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